Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

hemp protein

Organic Hemp Protein Powder Benefits     Organic Hemp Protein Powder  Organic Hemp Protein Powder is actually the most bio-available (able to be used by your body and not just undigested and out of your body quickly) protein on the planet! It is easier to digest than either whey or Soy and is a complete protein with a complete branch chain amino acid profile (BCAA’s).   It has the highest natural vibrational level (under a Darkfield microscope, which measures the photon or …

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Supplements for Muscle Recovery – Tips

… healthy too.  Not bad for a simple amino acid supplement huh? Recovery Drink Here is my personal muscle recovery drink mix and ratios: 3-5 Grams L-Glutamine Powder or Glutamine Caps (immediately after workout – Burst of Natural Growth Hormone) Wait 30 minutes (Glutamine competes with aminos and Nitric Oxide for Muscle Receptors) Use the sauna or steam room for muscle recovery) then; 1 Scoop  Organic Hemp Protein (Best Source of Organic Protein in the World) 1 Scoop Greens & whey …

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