Sports Induced Asthma – What is Exercise Induced Asthma?

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… when you need it the most! If you panic you will make it even worse. The most common symptoms you might notice are: Wheezing while you’re Running Tightness in the chest area Chronic cough or throat irritation Itching skin particularly around the throat area A sudden feeling of discomfort (an imminent attack) The best way to prevent or stop an asthma attack is to train your body not to react to the histamine or substance creating the negative reaction in your body.Fortunately there are …

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Alkalized Water for Peak Performance

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… fluoride and harmful pathogens. It will give you alkaline water too The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter if you are out Running the hills or hiking in nature. Discover what Olympic athletes already know (They aren’t drinking Gatorade or Monster, that’s for sure) about the importance of alkalized ionized water on physical health and performance: Click Here for More Information    Give Yourself The Alkaline Body Advantage Today! You don’t need to add anything for ionized …

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Run Safe – Protect Against Knee Pain From Running

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How to Run Safe     Knee Pain From Running Whether you run marathons, run triathlons, run to compete or just for the superior health benefits, then it is important to protect your knees. Your knees are the weakest link and the most vulnerable to the stress and impact of Running (or even power walking).   Protect your knees, and they will keep you fit and active for a whole lifetime. What good is 5 years of Running followed by the rest of your life behind a walker or in …

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Garmin Forerunner 310XT Reviews – Waterproof Your Game!

Finally, a GPS-enabled training device that isn’t afraid of the water. The rugged Forerunner 310XT is the triathlete’s indispensable training tool – a GPS-enabled, swim-proof trainer that tracks bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer. This multi-sport device has up to 20 hours of battery life, tracks distance, pace and heart rate (optional), and goes from wrist to bike in seconds. Package includes: Forerunner 310XT, premium heart rate monitor, USB ANT Stick, AC adapter, charging clip, owner’s manual on disk, quick reference guideCompatible with cadenceAdvanced heart-rate based calorie computationMultisport: changes sport mode with a press of a buttonHigh-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFixWater resistant to 50 metersEasy-to-read displayTraining and motivational features: Virtual Partner, courses, workouts, goalsGPS features: mark locations, back to startANT+ wireless technology: lets you automatically transfer information back and forth between the watch and the computerBattery life: up to 20 hours, typicalRechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts over 1,000+ chargesItem SpecificationsColorGrey/OrangeHeart RateIncludedGPS-EnabledIncludedCadenceOptional

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