Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

hemp protein

… 78% of which is Omega or Essential Fats. Contains all the Essential or Omega Fats required for human health. Contains several times more Omega 3 Essential Fats than any fish. More energy than energy bars or drinks but with no sugar and less saturated fat suitable for those unable to eat Gluten, Sugar, Milk, Nuts or Meat. It also provides more sustained energy, without a crash for active lifestyles and even extreme sports. If you’re looking for the best advantage you can get, then you must …

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Run Safe – Protect Against Knee Pain From Running

run safe

… Nutrition (Eat a salad with plenty of leafy greens (natural calcium) and a lean protein source Supplementation  (Take some Omega-3’s, Glucosamine and MSM or a all-in-one type supplement) The main reason we get knee pain after running is because of the impact stress, and inflammation that accumulates in the knee and joint areas that becomes stagnant and eventually hard. Follow the above simple tips and you won’t end up with the dreaded Runner’s Knee! Consider Earthing Shoes …

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