Supplements for Muscle Recovery – Tips

… Protein (Powerful protein source with natural aerobic/anaerobic activators) 4 Grams micronized creatine (Boosts ATP Muscular Energy Cycle) 3-5 Grams Nitric Oxide (Amino Acid Growth Factor and Muscle Contractor) 1 Scoop Gelatinized Maca (Adrenal Gland Activator – Androgenic Energy) 1 Scoop MSM Powder or MSM Joint (natural sulfur to rebuild muscles, body collagen matrix and joint protector) Whole Banana, Apple or other fruit (Juice or sports drink is of next value) Wait an hour then, Have a …

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Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

… for the best advantage you can get, then you must include some organic hemp protein to your pre and post workout or sporting events.  You won’t need to add extra sugar or dextrose because it has all the levels of natural carbs you will need.   Just mix the hemp protein powder with ionic water or juice and add your favorite ingredients, Nitric Oxide, micronized creatine (they are already in the proper ratio of carbs to protein and omega’s) or other natural supplements for an …

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