The Importance of Natural Supplements for Power and Performance

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… pure power) Better looking skin (when you “juice it up” your body tries to get rid of the toxins through the skin, and it looks bad) Increases natural testosterone and growth hormone (steroids shuts them off, and jacks up your love life) Increases natural energy levels (no up and down energy or mood swings) Increases your whole health level, from the Heart to skin (you look and feel years younger) There is no comparison as to why you should go natural. You actually …

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What Are Nutrient Dense Foods?

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… not only will make you feel full and satisfied, but it also feeds every cell and tissue in your body, including your brain and nervous system. Adding specific nutrient dense foods quickly detoxes your body of heavy metals and soothes inflammation in your muscles and joints. You will feel more energetic and positive too, because of its direct oxygenation effect on your Heart, brain and nervous system.   Nutrient Dense Meals There are many ways to include nutrient dense foods into your daily …

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Garmin Forerunner 310XT Reviews – Waterproof Your Game!

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Finally, a GPS-enabled training device that isn’t afraid of the water. The rugged Forerunner 310XT is the triathlete’s indispensable training tool – a GPS-enabled, swim-proof trainer that tracks bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer. This multi-sport device has up to 20 hours of battery life, tracks distance, pace and heart rate (optional), and goes from wrist to bike in seconds. Package includes: Forerunner 310XT, premium heart rate monitor, USB ANT Stick, AC adapter, charging clip, owner’s manual on disk, quick reference guideCompatible with cadenceAdvanced heart-rate based calorie computationMultisport: changes sport mode with a press of a buttonHigh-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFixWater resistant to 50 metersEasy-to-read displayTraining and motivational features: Virtual Partner, courses, workouts, goalsGPS features: mark locations, back to startANT+ wireless technology: lets you automatically transfer information back and forth between the watch and the computerBattery life: up to 20 hours, typicalRechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts over 1,000+ chargesItem SpecificationsColorGrey/OrangeHeart RateIncludedGPS-EnabledIncludedCadenceOptional

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Supplements for Muscle Recovery – Tips

… that signal your brain and endocrine system to produce growth hormone and increase muscle re-genesis. Choose one that increases HgH or deep relaxation. Add a scoop of organic hemp protein powder in your recovery drink as well, as this is natures most resilient plant and is a perfect protein, particularly for athletes. Just ask any professional swimmer. Nitic Oxide – Natural muscle synthesizer. Increase muscle tissue, sexual function, boosts natural hormone levels and is actually Heart …

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Discover The Top Secrets to Achieving Peak Fitness and Nutrition

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… streamers, and hundreds of thousands of global friends. Michael is the author of Life Visioning ~ A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential, Spiritual Liberation ~ Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential, The Answer Is You, Inspirations of the Heart, Forty Day Mind Fast-Soul Feast, and A Manifesto of Peace. He has appeared on The Oprah Show, Larry King Live, Tavis Smiley, and in his own PBS Special, The Answer Is You. Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D. Keynote …

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