Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

hemp protein

… 78% of which is Omega or Essential Fats. Contains all the Essential or Omega Fats required for human Health. Contains several times more Omega 3 Essential Fats than any fish. More energy than energy bars or drinks but with no sugar and less saturated fat suitable for those unable to eat Gluten, Sugar, Milk, Nuts or Meat. It also provides more sustained energy, without a crash for active lifestyles and even extreme sports. If you’re looking for the best advantage you can get, then you must …

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The Importance of Natural Supplements for Power and Performance

natural fitness male model

… and every other now you’ll ever encounter. You want to get better each day, especially as you get older, and I hope wiser. That’s why you’re here reading this.   Anyone can attempt to take a “magic pill” or “juice it up” but they’re damaging their Health, and a few years from now they will not only look and feel like crap, but they will have damaged their bodies from the inside out. Steroids cause serious Health risks and eventually lead to …

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Health Nutrition Whole Food Bars

organic health bar

Get the Best Health & Nutrition Anti-Aging Whole Food Bars on the Planet!   Whole Foods Bar Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get fit or satisfy that hunger craving whole food nutrition bars can be just what the Health doctor ordered. When you’re looking to build the best looking and feeling body you’ve ever had, it makes a lot of sense to not put junk in your tank. Choosing whole foods that are raw and cold pressed without any junk fillers of any kind give you …

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Has A Florida Woman Discovered The Fountain of Youth?

70 year old annette larkin

… the tips she herself uses. She has a figure that will stop a clock and has boundless energy and stamina. She can probably outrun you, and outlast you in many fitness routines. She is also internally Healthy. While most people her age, or even 30 years younger have their doctor on speed dial, she is disease free and wants to share her personal regimen with those who want to be attractive, youthful and fit at any age.   She is the author of Journey to Health, and even has a DVD …

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Sports Induced Asthma – What is Exercise Induced Asthma?

sports induced asthma - jackie Joyner Kersee

… Learn how to meditate and maybe take a tai chi or yoga class because it trains you to have that mind body connection to allow greater control of your own body so when faced with a Health issue you can calmly respond instead of instinctively react and continue what you want to do. I recommend taking some natural asthma control herbs or homeopathy drops for asthma until you can control this with only your mind-body connection – the long term goal.   Bruce Frantzis is a martial artist …

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Alkalized Water for Peak Performance

recovery supplements

Alkalized Water Allows You To Perform Better and Longer Than You Ever Thought Possible!   Alkalized Water Drinking Alkalized Water is one best thing you can do that vastly improves your Health as well as physical and mental performance. Dehydration is one of the main reasons that our muscles cramp and fail. Also the lactic acid buildup in muscles occurs and you can kiss your top performance goodbye. The main cause of this is empty acidic water, without the alkaline minerals and …

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Run Safe – Protect Against Knee Pain From Running

run safe

How to Run Safe     Knee Pain From Running Whether you run marathons, run triathlons, run to compete or just for the superior Health benefits, then it is important to protect your knees. Your knees are the weakest link and the most vulnerable to the stress and impact of running (or even power walking).   Protect your knees, and they will keep you fit and active for a whole lifetime. What good is 5 years of running followed by the rest of your life behind a walker or in …

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Electric Ab Belt Review – Does Flex Belt Work?

does flex belt work - brian wade says yes

Electric Ab Belt Review: Does Flex Belt Work to Lose Belly Fat? Discover Why You Too Might Want Your Own Electric Ab Belt.     Electric Ab Belt Removes Stubborn Abdominal Fat You don’t believe that a simple, easy to use electric ab belt can transform your whole abdominal area into what you see on the cover of Men’s Health? Well, some of them don’t. The one I’m going to show you is the one that is used by everyday people looking to look and feel their best, …

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Outdoor Workouts – Take Your Exercise Fitness Outside for Greater Results!

… motivation, capacity and overall Health. Even Health problems can magically disappear (well, it’s actually not magic if you understand the science.) I recommend you get a book called Earthing – by Clint Ober and Dr. Sinatra, this is probably one of the greatest Health and fitness discoveries of the 21st century. I’ll let you be the judge! I’ve tried it and I am a lot more motivated and hit my top set (natural bodybuilding) in strength lifts much better than when I’m …

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