Laser Hair Growth Comb

   Laser Hair Growth Comb   Is Hair ReGrowth Possible? Technology is radically changing not only how we communicate, but how we excel in physical pursuits like sports and bodybuilding, as well as looking better later that evening. Let’s face it, working out raises our testosterone level, whether your a male or female, it can affect hair loss if left unchecked. Hair ReGrowth is now a fact, it can be done by using the latest technology, like laser unclogging combs and hair domes …

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Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

hemp protein

… Diet?   One thing you’ll notice that is absent from this type of protein (that are in whey) are all the bovine Growth hormones (that create excess estrogen in the body), antibiotics (which kill your own immune system), pus (yeah, nasty stuff), genetically engineered viruses (from the food they are fed). Unless the whey comes from open range, grass fed and organically raised cows, then you’re getting all these things and a whole lot more.   You will be stronger, last …

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The Importance of Natural Supplements for Power and Performance

natural fitness male model

… pure power) Better looking skin (when you “juice it up” your body tries to get rid of the toxins through the skin, and it looks bad) Increases natural testosterone and Growth hormone (steroids shuts them off, and jacks up your love life) Increases natural energy levels (no up and down energy or mood swings) Increases your whole health level, from the heart to skin (you look and feel years younger) There is no comparison as to why you should go natural. You actually …

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Natural hGH Weight Loss

Natural hGH Weight Loss   Natural hGH for Weight Loss Natural hGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a hormone in both men and women that is produced naturally by our bodies. It is a master hormone that helps other hormones stay in balance. It can be triggered by eating the right combination of foods in timed intervals, like in a Quick weight loss type of program, or by using herbs that cause it to “kick in” naturally. It is a very important hormone that performs many important things …

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Supplements for Muscle Recovery – Tips

muscle gain fat loss

If You’re Not Recovering Properly, You’re Not Growing!     Muscle Growth and Recovery You need to use the best muscle recovery supplements you can find to give yourself a shot at taking it to the next level. All muscle Growth happens in this recovery phase and not an inch or ounce is happening when you are working out. This is where you can have your best advantage. Not everyone spends their time researching the latest and best muscle recovery techniques on the planet, so when …

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Cooling For Recovery and Muscle Growth

heat and cold in hands

Cooling for Recovery and Muscle Growth?   Stanford University’s New Cooling Glove Boosts Exercise Recovery   Is The Cold Treatment as good as anabolic steroids for after workout soreness recovery and subsequent muscle Growth? The common understanding is that you need to perform proper muscle activating workouts to achieve overall muscle Growth, but the muscle recovery phase is where this Growth actually happens.   Working out is very important as that creates the muscle …

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Natural HGh Exercise Induced Muscle Growth

ripped fighter

Can Natural HGh Make You Grow Fast and Hard? I’m sure you know how important muscle activation and Growth is to building a rock hard and solid physique, but even more so to your overall health. Working out is the key to stimulating your muscle fibers by breaking them down, so they can be repaired by proper nutrition and supplementation. However, the real Growth happens because of our endogenous (naturally created) hormones, particularly human Growth hormone and testosterone.   …

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Velvet Deer Antler Growth Hormone Releaser

deer antler growth hormone release

Velvet Deer Antler Growth Hormone Releaser   Why Use Deer Antler Growth Hormone? Velvet Deer Antler (known as Velvet Antler in Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM) is a safe, natural and highly effective (It’s banned by the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS and other major sports) because it works so well as a Growth hormone releaser. Professional athletes, amateur athletes, the weekend warrior, UFC guys as well as natural bodybuilders are using the Velvet Deer Antler for Natural Growth …

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Force Factor – A Nitric Oxide Stimulator

Why is Nitric Oxide (NO) important for strength and muscle recovery?   Force Factor – High Tech NO Supplement Nitric Oxide is necessary for stimulating muscle Growth and powering physical performance in the body. It is made up of the amino acid L-Arginine, which is very important in dilating arteries allowing more blood flow and providing nutrients where they are needed. mediating vital nutrient delivery, blood flow, and metabolic adaptation.   An important thing to consider is …

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