Laser Hair Growth Comb

… combined with proper hair nutrition.   Specific supplements and foods can help restore your own natural hair, and stop premature graying. It can even help reverse a good deal of it naturally. Eating a diet healthy in greens and lean proteins with healthy fats can really help in this area. As can supplementing with natural hormone balancers like Saw Palmetto (which gets rid of excess DHT in men) and Dong Quai (which balances excess excess estrogen women).   Fortunately scientists have …

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Health Benefits of Hemp Protein

hemp protein

… Diet?   One thing you’ll notice that is absent from this type of protein (that are in whey) are all the bovine growth hormones (that create excess estrogen in the body), antibiotics (which kill your own immune system), pus (yeah, nasty stuff), genetically engineered viruses (from the food they are fed). Unless the whey comes from open range, grass fed and organically raised cows, then you’re getting all these things and a whole lot more.   You will be stronger, last …

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