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does flex belt work - brian wade says yes

Electric Ab Belt Review – Does Flex Belt Work?

Electric Ab Belt Review: Does Flex Belt Work to Lose Belly Fat? Discover Why You Too Might Want Your Own Electric Ab Belt.


  Electric Ab Belt Removes Stubborn Abdominal Fat

You don’t believe that a simple, easy to use electric ab belt can transform your whole abdominal area into what you see on the cover of Men’s Health? Well, some of them don’t. The one I’m going to show you is the one that is used by everyday people looking to look and feel their best, whether it is to impress your future partner, friends and family or just look better naked, this is one electric ab belt that you will not want to miss out on.


I’m going to show you how you can get abs just like the guy to the right (Brian Wade – Celebrity Fitness Trainer and ab belt user) as well as the cream of the crop professional athletes (Jerry Rice, name ring a bell?), celebrity actors and actresses that need to get fit fast for a role or lose hundreds of thousand of dollars if not millions. Electric Ab Belt devices are used by Olympic athletes, fitness models and sports trainers. You can step up and join More >

alkalize water for peak performance

Alkalized Water for Peak Performance

Alkalized Water Allows You To Perform Better and Longer Than You Ever Thought Possible!


Alkalized Water

Drinking Alkalized Water is one best thing you can do that vastly improves your health as well as physical and mental performance. Dehydration is one of the main reasons that our muscles cramp and fail. Also the lactic acid buildup in muscles occurs and you can kiss your top performance goodbye. Alkalize your water, and you’ll give yourself that extra oomph that gets you across your finish line, without cramping out by the side.


Why Alkalize Your Water?

Just about all foods and drinks we put into our bodies are very acidic and that leads us to look, feel and perform like we’re “tore up from the floor up.” Alkalize your water and you’ll not only feel much better, you’ll actually perform at your highest level. You also will stop inflammation in it’s tracks. Inflammation is an acidic condition that causes stiffness, cramps and poor health. If there is one thing that I would recommend to any person not wanting to have a doctor’s number on speed dial, it would be to start drinking Ionized or Alkalized Water.


Alkalized Water Benefits  

Discover how something as simple as drinking Alkalized Water More >

muscle gain fat loss

Supplements for Muscle Recovery – Tips

If You’re Not Recovering Properly, You’re Not Growing!


Muscle Growth and Recovery

You need to use the best muscle recovery supplements you can find to give yourself a shot at taking it to the next level. All muscle growth happens in this recovery phase and not an inch or ounce is happening when you are working out. This is where you can have your best advantage. Not everyone spends their time researching the latest and best muscle recovery techniques on the planet, so when you find them you can be assured that you’re in a very small circle of insiders.

Supplements for Muscle Recovery

I have listed here the best natural muscle recovery supplements, tips and techniques that you can incorporate immediately and start making crazy/silly gains. These tips will have you looking, feeling and performing better than you ever had. It’s one thing to work out hard and smart, but it’s entirely a different breed of cat that actually makes the gains while the others you see are staying basically the same – day in and day out.  I’m going to show you a few simple things you can do to recover better, faster and actually increase your natural growth hormone (which causes More >

heat and cold in hands

Cooling For Recovery and Muscle Growth

Cooling As Good As Steroids for Muscle Growth and Recovery?


Stanford University’s Cooling Glove Boosts Exercise Recovery  


Cold as good as ‘Roids for after workout soreness recovery and subsequent muscle growth? Let’s face it, we all know that it’s not working out that creates muscle growth, but the muscle recovery phase is where this happens. Working out is very important as that creates the muscle breakdown that spurts recovery and subsequent growth, if you actually do recover and use proper nutrition for growth to occur.


This is an amazing discovery because it’s something that we can all easily do and reap and extreme performance advantage – and take our game to the next level. It’s something that some of us always suspected but thanks to Stanford University researchers, they’ve given us hard scientific evidence of exactly that, and we get the benefit of their arduous research.


Take a look at what Stanford researchers have discovered about the effects of cooling on muscle recovery and athletic performance: 


This system should be available to the public in mid 2013 (for the hefty price tag of around $3,000 that is.)


Great news, but I think we can get a much better solution and a better price and probably most of More >

outdoor workout

Outdoor Workouts – Take Your Exercise Fitness Outside for Greater Results!

  Did you know that you can greatly increase your strength, stamina and endurance by simply doing outdoor exercise?


Outdoor Workouts

You can increase your strength, endurance and stamina by 12 – 20% just by working out outdoors, like a workout in a park, instead of in your standard inside gym or fitness center. This is amazing new research that shows that when you are working out outside you body is synthesizing much more energy that it would by being inside under fluorescent or standard incandescent lamps.  There are many more benefits that just this.


Benefits of Doing Outside Fitness:
  • Natural Energy Synthesis (Increased Vitamin synthesis in your body particularly Vitamin D, for strong Joints, Bones and Immune system)
  • Increased body oxygenation (you are breathing cleaner and more circulated air – not every one else’s carbon dioxide)
  • Increased Strength (particularly if you are on a natural surface like, grass, dirt or even natural stone)
  • Increased Endurance (especially if you are in barefoot contact with the earth or using natural materials and socks on your feet)
  • Increased Stamina (The earth’s electro-magentic field actually removes toxins and harmful EMF’s that sap your stamina)
  • Increased Anti-oxidant production – again from the grounding (or earthing) effect of being in nature
  • Elevates Mood
  • Increased muscular contractions
  • Decreased More >
dna vitamins

Genetic Supplements For The Ultimate Edge


Genetic Supplements – The Ultimate Edge


Gene Based Vitamins and Supplements

I’m sure most of you know that one size does not fit all, particularly in the fitness and competitive sports arena. There are few things that can give you an edge against an ever increasing barrage of performance enhancing supplements, most of which can not only get you banned from a sporting event, but are really only marginally effective. Why? Because they are not prescribed for your individual body’s internal structure and needs.


Two people can workout and take the exact same supplements and one does well, and the other fails miserably. One size does not fit all. Fortunately, there is a new breed of vitamins and supplements that are engineered to your specific needs. Your body will be able to fully assimilate (use) them to their highest potential. And you “wreck house” on your next gym day or sporting event.

Give Your DNA The Advantage

It’s your genes that control what grows and what shrinks in your body. If your genes are not unlocked, they will never be able to do what you would like them to do, period. It’s called genetic expression, and is the answer to why we have so More >

ripped fighter

Natural HGh Exercise Induced Muscle Growth

Can Natural HGh Make You Grow Fast and Hard?

I’m sure you know how important muscle activation and growth is to building a rock hard and solid physique, but even more so to your overall health. Working out is the key to stimulating your muscle fibers by breaking them down, so they can be repaired by proper nutrition and supplementation. However, the real growth happens because of our endogenous (naturally created) hormones, particularly human growth hormone and testosterone.


That’s what chemical steroids attempt to do, and do it quite well! However, they actually shut off your body’s natural hormone and testosterone production, so when you’re not using it, you’ll have limp muscles in more than one place. Not what we really want. Besides, it actually destroys your health. Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger (bypass surgery at around 50 years old).


You don’t really need them or want them. If you’re like me, you want to look good and hard now, as well as 5 years from now. I’m talking permanent gains due to encouraging your own body to amp up it’s muscle activation and repair of growth fibers due to challenging workouts, sports events and fitness routines. That’s where Natural Hyper HGh comes in. More >

rondo twisted back pains

Back Hurts? Get Natural Relief From Sore Back Muscles!

Back Hurts? Using This Treatment Quickly Heals a Swollen Back & Relieves Your Sore Back Strain!


If Your Back Hurts – Get Relief Quickly!

Tweaking your back while on the court, field or doing any strenuous physical activity can cause pulled muscles to sprain or strain causing intense, severe pain. If your back hurts and you don’t do anything about it, it can end up lasting for quite a long time, always nagging you in the background.

That’s not necessary at all! Learning this muscle balance technique can not only heal your current back pain, but it can also strengthen your back muscles in a balanced way so you don’t tweak your back nearly as often if ever!

Pulled Back Sprain Pain?

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Sports Back Pain Signs:
  • Popping Back
  • Upper back pain or burning sensation
  • Lower back pain particularly when you are bending
  • Pain in the neck, upper or lower back, and even the tail bone
  • Stiffness that causes difficulty in bending down or turning to the side
  • Numbness anywhere in the spinal column
  • Weakness in the legs
  • Urinary problems

These are signs that you have either sprained or strained your back muscles out of alignment and that’s why they’re screaming out at you. You can stop that scream by More >

natural fitness male model

The Importance of Natural Supplements for Power and Performance

Natural Supplements for Positive Power and Performance without the Negatives!


Natural Power and Performance

When it comes to power and performance, nothing beats going natural period. If you’re in the game for life (like I am) then you want to not only be powerful with peak performance now, but you want it to get better as you progress every day. You can’t get that going the steroid and chemical route. Choosing natural power and performance supplements gives you the edge now, and every other now you’ll ever encounter. You want to get better each day, especially as you get older, and I hope wiser. That’s why you’re here reading this.


Anyone can attempt to take a “magic pill” or “juice it up” but they’re damaging their health, and a few years from now they will not only look and feel like crap, but they will have damaged their bodies from the inside out. Steroids cause serious health risks and eventually lead to poor performance and poor health (although there are safer natural steroid alternatives that don’t have those risk factors). Many people who dabble in these type of performance enhancing supplements will visit a hospital emergency room because of the side effects of steroids. More >